The 12th Agrothessaly at the centre of the agricultural world

The 12th ‘Agrothessaly’ Pan-Hellenic Fair for Agriculture and Livestock, to be held from 28 February to 3 March 2019 at the Indoor Market of Neapolis, Larissa, is creating a new reality for agriculture and livestock farming.

Agrothessaly is a strategic partnership between TIF-Helexpo and the Municipality of Larissa. During last year’s event, it attracted 40,153 visitors, four times the number of the previous event.

At the same time, the Fair hosted 167 exhibitors representing over 500 enterprises from 26 countries, i.e. three times the number of the previous event, while the exhibition space covered was more than doubled, with 20,000 sq.m. covered at the Indoor Market of Neapolis.

Agrothessaly is also an international event, as last year’s Fair welcomed group delegations from Bulgaria, FYROM from Albania and Turkey, as well as visitors from Cyprus and Italy.

There is great interest in the Fair's side events, covering a broad part of the agricultural sector and received numerous visitors, who receive information from primary sector agencies and educational foundations, such the University of Thessaly and the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Thessaly.